October 20, 2012

Ebooks will be Available for Free

A quick announcement, for all my pieces, I will have ebooks available for free download.

As soon as I find the right service, I will make copies of each piece in epub, mobi, and pdf formats as well as a zip with all three.

When I get enough pieces, I will make a themed anthology  for free download, and also take donations. But really, I'm not in this for the money.
All my works are and will always be released under the CC BY-SA license.

If you need an ebook manager, I recommend Calibre, for all platforms. In case you didn't know, the epub format is used by almost all ebook readers except Amazon's Kindle and Kindle apps. The kindle can only read mobi formatted ebooks. If you find you need one or the other, Calibre can easily convert not only ebooks, but pdf, txt and other document formats.

Image credit: "1984 in 2011" © 2011 RoachGrace on deviantart.com