October 20, 2012

"One of Those Days"

Inspired by a friend of mine who has her clueless moments. Wanted to run with being in the mind of another person. Had a lot of fun.
It is one of those days, isn't it?
One where you just can't help yourself.
You know you shouldn't, but there's no one around to stop you.
In 15 minutes, all the wine and peanut butter are gone.
You're horny as all get out.
There's something in the wind, there is.
Something in the wind.
Well I can't be the only one.
The only one who thinks adorable little otters would make great pets.
Who wonders how they would react to peanut butter.
Wine? No thank you.
The house isn't so much as lonely as it is, vast.
Vast and full of possibilities.
Possibilities and pillows.
Not as mutually exclusive as you'd think.
Well don't look so...
I can't say at the moment.
It may be because my toes feel like they've been dipped in ice cold water.
Oh, you feel it too?
Must be the wine.
Or the otter.
Did you feel that?
Well I did. In my bones, I felt it.
One of those days, a Thursday.
This must be Thursday
I never could get the hang of Thursdays.
Now where have I heard that before?
Where did you go?
Was it something I said?
Image credit: "Someday I'm gonna be free." - © 2011 neko-b on deviantart.com